Twitch Karma

About TwitchKarma

How TwitchKarma works? 

We taking top100 records from twitch online, calculate different counts and save to our database.

On main page of service we show you those channels wich had the lowest "karma" (reg_user / viwers) points.

Actualy you may check directly any online channel on special page, use search button on the TOP or register and keep your own list of channels wich we will analyse for you.

From time to time twitch APIs have bad working, and from time to time any bad man may throw bots on clear streamer, so, you have to take a look on long periods to come to conclusions.

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For Partners

if you need any special statistic, let us know by [email protected], may be we may give it for you directly or as a service
We aggregates news from different cybersport and gamenews sites to find correlations between game popularity and news background activity. All links to origin information we keep for all news.

21 Diablo III

21:00 10 21 Diablo III . , , , . 

Diablo II 4K 60 FPS

Diablo II , . Michael ReznoR , 4K 60 FPS. Youtube Reddit , , .  

Diablo IV , Covid-19

, Gears of War 15 , Diablo. Blizzard : , , . Q&A , .  

Activision: Call of Duty Mobile , Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal 2018 Blizzard. Blizzard , , , , .  

Diablo Immortal:

Blizzard Diablo Immortal, , , , . Activision Blizzard. 

DiabLoL 2 Carbot Going Rogue

Carbot Animations DiabLoL 2, Diablo II. . 

Diablo II Grim Dawn Diablo Immortal

Reign of Terror, , , , , Diablo II Grim Dawn. , Diablo-, 2016 , Titan Quest.  

DiabLoL 2 Carbot Free Plz

Carbot Animations DiabLoL 2, Diablo II. , .